Postdoc Appreciation Dinner - Jan. 29, 5-7pm

We will be holding our annual Postdoc Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, Jan. 29 from 5-7pm. We will be celebrating with a *Free* Taco Bar Dinner for all post-docs, significant others and advisors! Since we will be providing dinner, an RSVP is required for this event. The deadline to RSVP is on Wednesday Jan. 21 by 5pm.


When: Thursday, January 29, from 5-7pm

Where: UMC Aspen Room

What: Postdoc Appreciation Dinner

Who: Postdocs, significant others, and advisors

How: RSVP by clicking here


Taco bar dinner will include: spicy meat, fajita vegetables, rice, beans, tortillas, chips, salsa, guacamole, toppings, and dessert.


Come just us for a celebration of all the hard work that we do as postdocs!  And feel free to invite your postdoc advisors to join us in appreciating the work that postdocs do.


About PAC

Who are we?

PAC was formed in 2004 to serve the needs of individuals holding postdoctoral positions at CU Boulder or in the national labs collaborating on campus research projects.

The Co-Presidents of PAC are Michele Cash and Nikta Amiri.

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